How to propose a class. It’s easy!

  1. Go to the Sessions page, and click on a session you’re interested in.
  2. Once inside the Session, Under “Add a new class proposal”, fill out the form – give your class idea a Title and Description, and any tags you want, and click “Save”! THIS AUTOMATICALLY EMAILS YOU A LOGIN LINK IF YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE ONE.
  3. Check your email to verify it’s really you. You’ll get a login link – click that to choose a password, and you can now edit your proposal, and get involved in other proposals.
  4. Optionally, once you log in, you can edit your proposal, select more Session(s) you want the class to be reviewed for, and add other facilitators (if you have collaborators you want to invite). 
  5. Optionally, you may even add other class ideas you would like to see, but that you you don’t personally intend to facilitate. If this is the case, remove yourself as a facilitator. If through the class comments you find others interested, and find a facilitator, you can edit the class and add that person in the “Facilitator(s)” field.
  6. Optionally, as the class takes shape, you can also upload images or other files such as PDF texts – or embed externally hosted media (external audio, or video from YouTube or Vimeo) – with an optional short description. These media resources can be added as class material, or documentation of class activities.

How to make a profile

  1. If you’ve already created a login, go to the login page. If you forget it, click the request new password link there.
  2. Optionally, if you want to make a profile without submitting a class proposal (which makes one for you if you don’t have one already), click the create new account link there. Add your name and email.
  3. Optionally add a photo you want to represent you.
  4. Optionally on your account edit form, choose one or more Sessions you have attended or plan to attend to be listed in that Session’s community directory.